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Our Services: Mobile or In-House Notarizing

A notary public is needed in law as they help ensure your document is valid. Many legal documents require notarization during execution; however, even when notarization is not required, it is a recommended way to help prevent avoidable issues like fraud, duress, and more. We are able to assist with following Services at our offices or via Mobile Notary, at any location you prefer.  See more details below:

Commonly Notarized Documents

  • Real Estate Documents

  • Loans - Refinances, Purchases, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), Ship Mortgages

  • Estate Planning - Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives
    Trust Certifications

  • Wealth Management / Private Banking / Financial  / Insurance

  • Construction  - Waivers, Claims, Releases Upon Payment

  • Deeds - Quitclaim Deed, Grant Deed, Deed of Trust & others

  • Powers of Attorney & Certified Copies of Powers of Attorney

  • Adoption - medical, employer verification, background, etc.

  • Divorce / Settlement Agreements / Pre-Nuptial Agreements

  • Permission to Travel; Passport Applications for Minors

  • Wills

  • And more as needed!


Benefits of Using a Mobile Notary Public

When documents need to be notarized quickly or at a specific location, using mobile notary signing services is a must. Mobile notary signing agents offer a number of benefits in both personal and business settings

Standard & Mobile Notarization Fee's
Contact us for a free quote! See below Pricing.

Fee structure
When documents need to be notarized quickly or at a specific location, using mobile notary signing services is a must.
Mobile notary signing agents offer a number of benefits in both personal and business settings:

Being able to close at any location is a huge benefit for real estate agents. Mobile notaries can provide the notary signing services necessary to close at the agent's or client's location of choice, whether it be at our offices, a local coffee shop or at the home being closed. As a Traveling Notary Public Miami, we can travel to you in Miami and throughout South Florida!  STANDARD NOTARIZATION FEE: $10.00 per notarization/stamp, plus travel fees. (SEE BELOW)

REAL ESTATE Transactions:

Time is often of the essence when title and escrow transactions are taking place, and mobile signing makes it easier for title and escrow companies to have legal documents notarized on short notice. 
STANDARD NOTARIZATION FEE: $10.00 per notarization/stamp, plus travel fees. (SEE BELOW)

TITLE & ESCROW Transactions:

This service is provided to Title & Escrow Companies as well as to Financial and Lending Institutions. Our Notary-Signing Agents will travel to the borrowers' location to perform closings. The bank has drafted or will send over final documents to the escrow company for signing. Your identify will be confirmed by the notary, affirm your willingness to sign the important documents, and sign accordingly. Upon completion, the notary will return the documents for you to the title company or the appropriate parties for processing.

Once the closing has been performed the package will be returned to the proper entity. If the Company or institution is local, the documents will be hand delivered. Otherwise the documents will be shipped out to you by the courier of your choice.  Your Documents will be handled properly and returned back to your office in a timely manner, since we are well aware of how time-sensitive they are. We can travel to you and these documents may be signed with a mobile notary in a place that is convenient for you (home / workplace / coffee shop etc) 

Closing fees for Sellers side are $140.00, Buyer side $180
which include: 1st and 2nd loan packages, emailed docs, for Miami-Dade, Broward and other counties in South Florida.

Client's "no show" and cancellations within less than 4 hours of the appointment will have a cost of $100.00 to cover for the Notary's time, travel and expenses.


Mortgage Signing.jpeg
real estate transactions_edited.jpg
title and escrow.jpeg

MARRIAGE LICENSE: $50.00 (plus travel expenses of Mobile)


STANDARD NOTARIZATION FEE: $10.00 per notarization/stamp, plus travel fees.

This service is available to any person who needs a notarization in Miami Dade.

If you prefer to visit us at our office on South Beach, Miami and AVOID the Notary Travel Fee, please schedule an appointment here OR we can travel to your location and perform the notarization needed, usually within the hour from the time of your notice. This service is very convenient for clients who need to legalize documents or have hospitalized relatives, or busy Attorneys who demand a fast service and would rather be in their office than on the road. 

traveling fees.jpeg

Are based on the location (contact for quote)


For the purpose of easier quoting, a $50.00 "flat rate travel fee" has been established for notarizations within MIAMI Metro Area plus $10.00 for each signature notarized thereafter.

Travel fee for each area:
* plus $10.00 for signature Notarized additional to travel fee.

MIAMI BEACH:                            $30-50
CORAL GABLES:                          $50-60
DORAL & KENDALL:                     $50-60
AVENTURA & SUNNY ISLES:         $60-70

For Broward County                    $80 -$100

for other Counties in South Florida contact for a quote.


All after regular business hours services will be considered as an emergency.
$20.00 emergency fee is added to the regular rate outside of our regular business hours.

Contact for a quote about your specific situation.

Regular Business Hours: Monday to Friday  9am to 5pm

fee structure.jpeg

For MIAMI INT'L AIRPORT, A notarization at MIA is considered an emergency at any time even during regular business hours and the fee is $80.00 and $10.00 for each additional document thereafter.
We require for the payment to be made upfront through our website. (link will be sent by office)
ADD $10.00/hr. for parking to the Notarization


WAITING TIME: $20.00 per half hr. We will allow a 20 min. grace period, after that time a $20.00 for each 30 min. period wait time fee will be added to the total of the notarization. Wait time during after hours is $30.00 per half hour.


1) You must have a valid State-issued photo ID, such as a Driver License or Passport. 
2) Documents to be notarized must be in your possession. 
3) Some documents require the signature of witnesses; scan the documents to check whether or not the signature of witnesses is required. If it is, witnesses must be present at the time of the appointment. If you can't provide witnesses we can provide them for you upon your request. 
4) Payments are to be made in cash, or via PayPal, Zelle at the time of the signing. 
5) WAIT UNTIL THE NOTARY ARRIVES TO SIGN YOUR DOCUMENT! Remember the whole purpose of the Notary is to legitimize and corroborate through proper identification, that the person signing the document "is in fact" the person in front of the Notary.


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