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Need URGENT Mobile NOTARY Services 


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It’s time to take the hassle out of Mobile Notary Public!

At some point, you’ll need a document authenticated. It could be a power of attorney, a medical document, a business agreement, real estate documents, a bill of sale, or a will. To get these documents notarized, you have to find a mobile notary public, which used to mean taking time out of your busy day.
The frustrating thing about visiting these places is that there’s no guarantee a signing agent is readily available.

Our Mobile Notary Services is changing that by offering a mobile service that comes to you at your convenience.

Who We Are

The 305 Agency I Notary Public OFFERS Quick and Efficient In-House and Traveling Notary Services to help you get your documents notarized.  We always make sure that your documents are handled in accordance with Miami-Dade County Notarial Laws. We provide service as a Certified Loan Signing Agent by the National Notary Association.

You can schedule an In-person notary signing at our offices on South Beach, Miami or schedule a Mobile Notary at a moment's notice, we can meet you at home, nearby café, office, hospital, the airport, or any place of business or residence or wherever you may need service…
Whether it’s one seal or twenty plus, we will meet and surpass your mobile notary needs throughout Miami-Dade and South Florida!  "We go where you are!

We are reliable, punctual, friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
We are one of the few mobile notaries that will travel and have appointments available 24 hours,
7 days a week. We take great care in customer satisfaction.


We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

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A notary public is needed in law as they help ensure your document is valid. Many legal documents require notarization during execution; however, even when notarization is not required, it is a recommended way to help prevent avoidable issues like fraud, duress, and more. We are able to assist with following Services:
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Commonly Notarized Documents

  • Real Estate Documents

  • Loans - Refinances, Purchases, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), Ship Mortgages

  • Estate Planning - Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives
    Trust Certifications

  • Wealth Management / Private Banking / Financial  / Insurance

  • Construction  - Waivers, Claims, Releases Upon Payment

  • Deeds - Quitclaim Deed, Grant Deed, Deed of Trust & others

  • Powers of Attorney & Certified Copies of Powers of Attorney

  • Adoption - medical, employer verification, background, etc.

  • Divorce / Settlement Agreements / Pre-Nuptial Agreements

  • Permission to Travel; Passport Applications for Minors

  • Wills

  • And more as needed!


Benefits of Using a Mobile Notary Public

When documents need to be notarized quickly or at a specific location, using mobile notary signing services is a must. Mobile notary signing agents offer a number of benefits in both personal and business settings

Standard & Mobile Notarization Fee's
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What We Do

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